Monday, May 12, 2014

Orrick, Missouri help fund- EZBZ donates to help!

Pledges Relief Funding for Orrick, Missouri.
EZBZ Pledges Relief Funding for Orrick Missouri. $1 From Every Inquiry Generated for the Month of May to Go Directly to the Affected Community., a leading reverse bidding marketplace that matches consumer needs with competitive bids from local businesses, today announced that it will donate $1, the fee normally paid by businesses per inquiry, from every inquiry received via from the Kansas City DMA, from May 12, 2014 through the May 31, 2014 to local rebuilding efforts in the city of Orrick Missouri that was affected by the tornado. 

“At the heart of the EZBZ philosophy is the desire to enable positive change, make a difference, and empower and strengthen local communities and businesses,” commented Shana Schlossberg, Founder and CEO of EZBZ. “Reaching out to help those affected by natural disasters in areas we service every day, such as those currently affected by the tornado is something that we are passionate about and thankful to be in a position to do.”

EZBZ generates thousands of inquiries per month nationally, and has just launched a massive advertising campaign in the Kansas City DMA, so we are confident that a sizeable amount can be raised to assist those rebuilding their lives following damage or displacement by the tornado. At the end of the month of May, EZBZ will donate the amount raised to localized relief operations on the ground. All users creating inquiries from the Kansas DMA will see a message that $1 will be donated to a local charity. 

Organizations working to bring relief to the areas affected by the tornado can contact EZBZ to request assistance by emailing

Friday, May 9, 2014

EZBZ-Will change the world!

Established in 2011, EZBZ acts as a one-stop online portal offering a selection of free, high quality, real-time concierge-style services designed to make consumers lives' easier and provide businesses with opportunities to grow. EZBZ's services are readily accessible on the web, via smart devices and through dedicated iTunes and Android apps. EZBZ is totally free for consumers, and new services and enhancements will be added, providing further resources for consumers and businesses. Further information can be found at

I encourage everyone to check out the website. It's a really great product and would love to see you on it! They are also having a $500 raffle which you can find out about on their Twitter account @myEZBZ.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

BROOO-KLYN! Play offs round two for the Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets have done it again! That's right, the Nets have advanced to the second round of the NBA Playoffs. They defeated the Toronto Raptors today in game 7. The saying goes that the Truth will set you free, here it was literal. Paul Pierce AKA the Truth blocked the last show which gave the Nets the win.

Reports went out saying Kyle Lowry was sitting by his locker in full gear for an hour after the game.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ball boy in Brooklyn gets a run for his towel!

Hey sports fans! Last night I got to sit in a suite. The view and experience was great but one think stood out from last night. What stood out was the fact that their was 6 people from Brooklyn on the court, but the best part is only 5 of them are on the roster. What do I mean by this? Well you can see in the link below's video, is one of the Nets esteemed ball boys cleaning the floor, but it this mundane cleaning turned suspenseful when Tyler Hansbrough ran down the court at full speed and almost tripped over the ball boy! Yes, that's scary. I can now tell you that all of Brooklyn are great ball players! It's actually funny, if you look in the corner of the video you can see Ethan Gold (pictured with me above) running backwards as well.

Great win and great experience!

Video and official article can be viewed : Brooklyn ballboy shows good hustle « All Ball Blog with Lang Whitaker |

Here is a direct quote from the website: 
ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — I just spent about ten minutes trying (in vain) to find a video clip of a play from 2001, when then-Hawks guard Jacque Vaughn made a steal during a game in Cleveland, and had to forearm shiver an unsuspecting ballboy out of the way while sinking a lay-up. (There is a written recap of it here, though.)  This happens from time to time in the NBA, when a ballboy runs onto the court to do his or her job, and then the run of play suddenly reverses and the ballboy finds themselves caught out there.
This is exactly what happened last night in Brooklyn, where a ballboy ventured onto the court to clean up the floor and found himself in crosshairs of a Tyler Hansbrough fastbreak. What do you do when Psycho T comes crashing down on you? You dive off the court as fast as you can, that’s what you do …

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Meeting the Grizzlies at Barclays

Last night at Barclays the Nets hosted the Memphis Grizzlies. This game was clearly for pride. The Nets did walk away with a win, 103-94, it was a good fight. Marc Gasol did AMAZING! The Nets are now over .500 and have been on a MAJOR streak.

I had the opportunity to be at the game. Thanks to Jason Wallace, I also got to meet the players post game. I got to speak to Marx Gasole, Miller and many others.

The experience was great and this once again shows how class act the Grizzlies are. It was so nice to meet them and look forward to talking to them soon.

Thank You!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mets top prospects

Official Mets logo used with permission
As a Mets fan, all I have been hearing for the longest time is wait for 2014 and look at our prospects. Well, it's now 2014 and for me, they haven't dissapointed. I came in to the off season very optimistic but excited! I first heard we signed Chris Young. That was a good start, but it's only the tip of the iceberg.  We then signed Curtis Granderson. To me Curtis is more then an A caliber outfielder, but rather someone who saw the true light and left the Yankees.

But who are these prospects they speak so highly about? Are they really the answer to out playoff drought? In a word, YES! I decided I will analyse  my favorite prospects.

Travis d'Arnaud:  Travis has proved himself to be an All Star caliber catcher behind the plate, but hasn't proved himself offensively in the Majors. What's amazing about him is we have seen him produce enormous amounts of offense in the farm system. So it's just a matter of time until he shows his skills. Travis has gained the respect of the entire pitching staff and Mike Piazza. To gain the respect of one of the best catchers ever isn't easy, but Travis managed to do it.
Mike was interviewed today about Travis on SNY. Mike  had allot to say. Here is a partial transcript of his interview:
“He’s respectful and he works hard. I know the pitching staff is in good hands with him. He’s got a little to be learn. I’m just trying to tell him how to get the most out of his ability over the course of a season.I love his tools. Generally, I like guys to be a little smoother back there, but I think he’ll learn that as he learns the staff and gets more comfortable with their strengths and weakness. He’s got great hands, a good arm, you can tell he can swing the bat. It’s just a question of putting it all together being consistent, stay off that roller coaster that the season can be.”

Monday, February 24, 2014

First Lady's-Let's Move in the NBA

NBA stars know how to eat healthy thanks to
the first lady's "Let's Move!" 
We all know that the winner of the NBA championship gets the privilege of hanging out in the White House for a day. It seems that the Miami Heat are  regular visitors and the Presidential family knows the team well already. Being they won back to back championships, the Heat and First Lady, Michelle Obama have decided to make a commercial to help support the first lady's Let's Move initiative. The initiative personally effected me and caused me to lose 30 pounds.

The white has issued the below statement ( copied from the Let's Move website):
Last week, the Miami Heat visited the White House to celebrate their 2013 Championship win. Rumor had it, during their visit, they teamed up with the First Lady in support of Let’s Move! to highlight the importance of eating healthy and drinking water to perform like a champion.