Monday, August 25, 2014

Cory Jefferson interview

Today we got to interview Nets rookie Cory Jefferson. People have given him the nickname "re-bounder specialist" and other names like that. Read how he responds to that name and so much more!

1) At what point did you realize that playing Basketball professionally is a possibility? 

 I first realized that I had a chance of playing professionally during my redshirt sophomore year..

2)What was your greatest moment in college basketball?

 Beating Kansas in Waco / playing in the NCAA tourney my senior year..

3)What was your mindset prior to declaring for the draft?

I just wanted to live out my dream of playing in the NBA..

4) What was your thoughts the night before and the night of the draft?
 The night before I just kept thinking of how it would feel to hear my name called on draft night; the night of the draft, I just had whole lot of thoughts and emotions.

5) At any point at the draft did you think you may not be drafted?

There was a point during the draft where I was telling teams that I didn't want to be drafted because they wanted to send me straight overseas..

6)Which player would you call your role model or inspiration?

I didn't really have role models growing up but my favorite players to watch and learn from were Tim Duncan and KG.

7) How did it feel being drafted to Brooklyn? Where you ever a fan of them?

 I didn't really grow up having a favorite team but I love being a Net..

8) On your instagram you posted a picture of you in a Brooklyn hat. Did you want to be drafted by the Nets?

 I wanted to be drafted by whatever team wanted me..

9) What are you looking forward to this season?

I'm looking forward most to being out on the floor with that Nets jersey on and contributing to my team..

10) Nets Daily called you the "rebound specialist", what do you say to that?  Do you agree with that title?
I like that title, I think it shows everybody how hard I work on the court..

11) What advice would you give to someone trying to fulfill their dream in general and specifically in basketball?

To anybody trying to accomplish their dreams I would just say don't let anybody tell you what you can't do … and to the ones with dreams of playing professionally, be the person that works the hardest and be around the people that want to work hard.. 

Thanks Cory!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Meeting Vinny Guadagnino


Yesterday I met Vinny Guadagnino. Vinny is one of the stars on Jersey Shore. I know you're all wondering how this came to light, so let me tell you.

I was at the event in Barclays Center (details on the previous article) and I saw on the guest list that Vinny will be there. Of course, I got excited, but as a journalist I was forced to keep my cool. As the celebrities started walking the carpet, I realised that Vinny's publicist was literally two feet away from me. Being as professional as possible, I decided to hand him my business card. We started to chat a bit, and eventually he told me he'll get me a one question interview with Vinny. I was super excited, especially that vinny was running late and was really done with the media. This interview was super special because of how nice Vinny was. He seemed really sincere with what he was saying and even though we only spoke for about a minute, he seemed genuine.

Big shout out to Vinny and his publicist, Mr. Roger!

CC Sabathia and Robinson Cano event

Although it's not basketball season, basketball hasn't stopped in Brooklyn. Last night the Barclays center hosted a Celebrity basketball game to raise funds for CC's PitCCh foundation and Robinson Cano's RC22 foundation. TSS was fortunate enough to gain access to the red carpet and the event. 

We arrived there two hours early and was shocked by a hello from Robinson Cano. He was super nice and made a couple jokes and told me that tonight will be a nigh to remember, he was so accurate! At about 6:10 the red carpet started. Celebrities like Tiki Barber, CC Sabathia, Robinson Cano, Melo, KD, Derek Jeter and even Rihanna where there. They walked out one by one, took pictures and did some interviews. We had the privilege to catch up with a few players and hear what they had to say about the event, here are some quotes.

Vinny from the Jersey Shore: "It feels amazing (to be here), I am here to support CC Sabathia"
NeYo "It feels fantastic, spend time for a good cause" when asked if he was playing tonight he reluctantly said "ya,ya"
Tiki Barber said "My job is to pass the ball to someone who can shoot"
CC Sabathia:"It means everything to be here" 
Derek Jeter also said he was excited to be here!

As you can see, this was no ordinary event. Celebrities from all walks of life came together to support a great cause! The event raised over 1 million dollars.

The publicist sent us the following summary of the event of last night: Thursday night, CC Sabathia and Robinson Cano joined forces along with Roc Nation Sports to present the Summer Classic Charity Basketball Game at Barclays Center. All proceeds from the event served to benefit Sabathia’s PitCCh In Foundation and Cano’s RC22 Foundation equally while aiming to increase opportunities for underserved youth in the areas of education, wellness and fitness – the night successfully raised $1,040,000! Team Sabathia took on Team Cano with a competitive celebrity match-up led by master of ceremony Angie Martinez. Sabathia and Cano had some help coaching on the sidelines from NBA and MLB pros including Derek Jeter, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, JR Smith, Kyrie Irving and James Harden. Some stellar player performances included Chris Brown with 18 points (who was rarely seen without the ball in his hands running up and down the court) and Terrell Owens with 23. The real “star” of the game was DJ Khaled - fans chanted for his return to the court every time he was benched for an unfortunate play. Ultimately, Team Cano secured the win by 2 points. The 8,500 spectators included some familiar faces – Rihanna sat courtside alongside girlfriends Melissa Forde, Skylar Diggins and Cara Delevingne sipping on D’USSE cocktails throughout the entire game.

Michael Gruen

This article was created for TSS.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Orrick, Missouri help fund- EZBZ donates to help!

Pledges Relief Funding for Orrick, Missouri.
EZBZ Pledges Relief Funding for Orrick Missouri. $1 From Every Inquiry Generated for the Month of May to Go Directly to the Affected Community., a leading reverse bidding marketplace that matches consumer needs with competitive bids from local businesses, today announced that it will donate $1, the fee normally paid by businesses per inquiry, from every inquiry received via from the Kansas City DMA, from May 12, 2014 through the May 31, 2014 to local rebuilding efforts in the city of Orrick Missouri that was affected by the tornado. 

“At the heart of the EZBZ philosophy is the desire to enable positive change, make a difference, and empower and strengthen local communities and businesses,” commented Shana Schlossberg, Founder and CEO of EZBZ. “Reaching out to help those affected by natural disasters in areas we service every day, such as those currently affected by the tornado is something that we are passionate about and thankful to be in a position to do.”

EZBZ generates thousands of inquiries per month nationally, and has just launched a massive advertising campaign in the Kansas City DMA, so we are confident that a sizeable amount can be raised to assist those rebuilding their lives following damage or displacement by the tornado. At the end of the month of May, EZBZ will donate the amount raised to localized relief operations on the ground. All users creating inquiries from the Kansas DMA will see a message that $1 will be donated to a local charity. 

Organizations working to bring relief to the areas affected by the tornado can contact EZBZ to request assistance by emailing

Friday, May 9, 2014

EZBZ-Will change the world!

Established in 2011, EZBZ acts as a one-stop online portal offering a selection of free, high quality, real-time concierge-style services designed to make consumers lives' easier and provide businesses with opportunities to grow. EZBZ's services are readily accessible on the web, via smart devices and through dedicated iTunes and Android apps. EZBZ is totally free for consumers, and new services and enhancements will be added, providing further resources for consumers and businesses. Further information can be found at

I encourage everyone to check out the website. It's a really great product and would love to see you on it! They are also having a $500 raffle which you can find out about on their Twitter account @myEZBZ.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

BROOO-KLYN! Play offs round two for the Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets have done it again! That's right, the Nets have advanced to the second round of the NBA Playoffs. They defeated the Toronto Raptors today in game 7. The saying goes that the Truth will set you free, here it was literal. Paul Pierce AKA the Truth blocked the last show which gave the Nets the win.

Reports went out saying Kyle Lowry was sitting by his locker in full gear for an hour after the game.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ball boy in Brooklyn gets a run for his towel!

Hey sports fans! Last night I got to sit in a suite. The view and experience was great but one think stood out from last night. What stood out was the fact that their was 6 people from Brooklyn on the court, but the best part is only 5 of them are on the roster. What do I mean by this? Well you can see in the link below's video, is one of the Nets esteemed ball boys cleaning the floor, but it this mundane cleaning turned suspenseful when Tyler Hansbrough ran down the court at full speed and almost tripped over the ball boy! Yes, that's scary. I can now tell you that all of Brooklyn are great ball players! It's actually funny, if you look in the corner of the video you can see Ethan Gold (pictured with me above) running backwards as well.

Great win and great experience!

Video and official article can be viewed : Brooklyn ballboy shows good hustle « All Ball Blog with Lang Whitaker |

Here is a direct quote from the website: 
ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — I just spent about ten minutes trying (in vain) to find a video clip of a play from 2001, when then-Hawks guard Jacque Vaughn made a steal during a game in Cleveland, and had to forearm shiver an unsuspecting ballboy out of the way while sinking a lay-up. (There is a written recap of it here, though.)  This happens from time to time in the NBA, when a ballboy runs onto the court to do his or her job, and then the run of play suddenly reverses and the ballboy finds themselves caught out there.
This is exactly what happened last night in Brooklyn, where a ballboy ventured onto the court to clean up the floor and found himself in crosshairs of a Tyler Hansbrough fastbreak. What do you do when Psycho T comes crashing down on you? You dive off the court as fast as you can, that’s what you do …